Staycations: 6 Places To Holiday in The UK

It is understandable that a lot of us want to jet off to warmer climates during our holidays but lets be reasonable, the UK isn’t all doom and gloom and there are plenty of places that are wealth worth spending time in. Now if you haven’t explored your home country then there are plenty of good reasons to do so, the cost of overseas trips is something that deters a lot of us from traveling, along with only having time for short breaks and the environmental concerns put us off flying.

So with more of us sticking around there is a greater interest in where the best Staycations can be had. Here’s our list of some of the cream of the crop:

Keeping It Northern

As you could imagine there’s a pretty impressive amount of coast on show in the UK and some incredible views to be had. If you are willing to venture up north to Northumberland then you will be met with beautiful beaches that are ideal for leisurely walks and a host of traditional pubs to keep you cosy. You can even try your hand at surfing though it isn’t for the faint of heart with the cold British sea.


Keeping the coastal trend, Cornwall is one of the sunniest and warmest places to visit in the UK. Its beaches are the most beautiful in the whole of the UK and add to that the blue waters that you don’t often see around our coasts and you have a staycation essential for anyone who likes a bit of fun in the sun.


The Scottish capital has a lot to offer whether it is their new year’s celebration or Fringe festival and it is well worth visiting for a bit of culture. Try staying at the Sheraton Hotel if you don’t mind splashing a bit of cash and enjoy the views of Edinburgh castle. The hotel is so good that you will have to fight the temptation to just stay in it, but then you would have missed an ideal opportunity to explore a beautiful city.


Wales may not scream the best holiday location but there is plenty on offer. If you are fond of a bit of exercise and don’t mind a challenge then why not try cycling the Taff Trail that runs through Wales. You’ll see some of Wales’ best sites and be able to stop off at a few pubs too.


The city got its name from the fact it was a spa town for the Romans. As a result there is a lot of history there and some beautiful architecture. It is an ideal city break that doesn’t have too much hustle and bustle, if you need to relax then why not head to the botanical gardens for some fresh air.

London We couldn’t make a list of staycation spots without mentioning the country’s capital! What has been home to the Olympic games and is a world fashion hot spot has plenty to offer, it may not be entirely a 24-hour city but it’s definitely getting there!